MelisaK’s Dailies #1

Start and end each day in PRAYER with gratitude and intention. Every morning before even opening my eyes. I begin visualizing the positive things in life and pray for continued positive energy for myself, everything that surrounds me and everyone that I come in contact with. I pray how grateful I am for …. clean air, air condition in my home, food in my home, etc… It is easy to get in the negative thought pattern and become complacent to all the gratitudes in our life. I believe most of us take air condition for granted now days. Until something goes awry. When the ac in the house stops pushing cool air in the summer months or when the heat does not work during the winter. Or even when the ac stops working in our vehicle. It is so easy to forget just how fortunate we are to have air condition. I know that is a simplistic as one can get. Back is also demonstrates just how easy we take things for granted.

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