Professional Grade Supplements

Welcome to the Professional Grade Supplements section of My Wellness Hub.  Yes, there is a difference between supplements.  I partnered up with a few companies to provide access to many that are looking for the best grade of supplements.  Fullscript, NBX Wellness, and my own personal line Melisa Kuehn.

I know some of you have your “Fav” and do not want to switch.  That is ok, I have partnered with Fullscript they carry over 350 professional grade supplements.  Probably the brand you are using right now.  Simply click the Fullscript logo or button and tour their site for your supplement needs.

Those that are interested in “Geeking out on Genetics” or maybe not necessarily geeking out but want to learn more on how you can not change your genetics but can change the way your genes express themself.

Lastly, if you simply want to get started taking supplements go shopping right here.

Shop Fullscript

Shop FullScript Today!  Fullscript is a warehouse of over 350 professional grade supplements.  I know many do not necessarily want to switch from their brand to mine.  So I have partnered up with FullScript to offer you the opportunity to purchase the same brand you have to come to love.  Simply click the logo to the right.

Click here to see the list of brands Fullscript carry.

    • Activa
    • AlgaeCal
    • Allergy Research Group
    • Apex
    • Amen
    • Amy Myers MD
    • Argentyn 23
    • Biocidin Botanicals
    • Biotics Research

    • Carlson Labs
    • Celtic Sea Salt
    • Choice Organ Tea
    • DaVinci Labs
    • Energetix
    • Hylands
    • Jarrows
    • Klaire Labs

    • Metagenics
    • NBX Wellness
    • Nordic Naturals
    • Pure Encapulations
    • Thorne
    • TMAncestral Beef Liver

Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

NBX Wellness

Shop NBX Wellness Today!

NBX Wellness is my personal go-to professional grade supplements, genetic testing & telomere testing.    Feel free to click on the logo and see what is available or click below to learn more about genetic testing & telomeres.