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Greetings! I firmly believe in the profound impact of education. My central mission revolves around the dedication to delivering educational programs that are both enriching and empowering. These programs are crafted to nurture intellectual growth, stimulate creativity, and foster a lifelong commitment to learning.

Over the course of 19 years, my journey has spanned various roles, including Traditional Naturopath, holistic practitioner, Certified Natural Health practitioner; Master Herbalist and three years as a General Manager for TheramedixBioSET. Currently, I serve as their Educational Advisor-Instructor, teaching the BioSET System Technique. My insatiable thirst for knowledge and my passion for offering integrative and functional care have driven me to continually educate myself in diverse topics, techniques, and therapies. This ongoing pursuit has equipped me with a wealth of information across various domains, allowing me to educate, train and mentor others effectively.

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The BioSET System

BioSET System

The foundational concept behind The BioSET System is that the gastrointestinal system and the brain are intimately connected. This connection goes both ways. A distressed gut sends signals to the brain just as a troubled brain sends signals to the gut. Both of these systems regulate the immune system.

If a person is consuming food or beverages that they are intolerant to, have sensitivity to or do not digest, it will cause stress on the digestive system which in turn, causes stress on the brain and immune system. This stress on the immune system causes it to over react, leading to weakened immune function, sensitivities and chronic illness.   The illnesses may manifest as something simple like a cold or allergy to chronic conditions as well as conditions resembling autoimmune disorders.

We can eliminate the root cause of sensitivities and illness by ensuring the complete digestion of foods using a variety of enzymes, detoxifying, reinvigorating with vitamins & minerals and utilizing the BioSET System to ReSET imbalances in the body. This results in a completely unique, individualized, multifaceted approach to better health and well-being.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Allergy Desensitization Technique

The BioSET Foundational Series program is designed to establish the core principles of the BioSET System, encompassing concepts of enzyme therapy and the Desensitization technique. This comprehensive program includes:

  • A comprehensive manual providing in-depth knowledge about the fundamental concepts of the BioSET System.
  • An instructional guide detailing step-by-step procedures for navigating the BioSET System software.
  • 9 audio modules complementing the overview manual.
  • Pre-Webinar: A session with your advisor-instructor to review the manual and address any queries, ensuring full readiness for the hands-on seminar.
  • A two-day immersive hands-on seminar.

Successful completion of the program grants you certification as a BioSET Practitioner. You’ll gain proficiency in employing the BioSET System at a foundational level and become part of our website roster.

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BioSET System Training Programs 2024

January 12th-13th

  • Webinar 01 – Intro & Basics of the BioSET System and Comprehensive Evaluation (date to be determined)
  • Webinar 02 – ReSET therapy (date to be determined)
  • Hand-ons application – Cypress, TX  January 12-13, 2024
    • Friday 9a – 6p
    • Saturday 9a – 6p