My Journey & How I got here!

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“The last 19 years I have been extremely blessed to be able to do what I love.” -Melisa Rocchi Kuehn

Being born during the “Perry Mason” era Melisa Kuehn thought her destiny was to become an attorney.  She graduated from University of St. Thomas with studies in Pre-Law and psychology.

She then realized her destiny was actually to be in the natural healthcare world due to her son’s health issues.  She pursued an education in integrative natural health and graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health.   Her thirst for knowledge was so fierce she completed a five degree program.  This included Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Nutrition Counselor, Certified Nutritional Health Professional, and Master Herbalist.   She currently owns and guides her guest at Hilton’s Heartland Natural Health & Wellness Center which has been growing strong since 2004.

University of St. Thomas
Trinity School of Natural Health
Hilton's Heartland

During Melisa’s challenging journey in Brandon’s beginning years, she was very blessed to learn about very different types of therapies and treatments. During this search she found a technique “The BioSET System” which utilizes energy medicine in evaluating balances and imbalances within the body. Additionally, it provides natural allergy desensitization with the use neurostimulation technique.

Melisa excelled in this area which gave her the opportunity to work with the TheramedixBioSET corporate office for three years as the General Manager and Educational Advisor-Instructor. Presently, she continues to educate and train practitioners utilizing the BioSET System technique.

BioSET System
GX Sciences
GX Sciences Trained Provider

Due to Melisa’s craving for knowledge and desire to provide integrative and functional care she has continued to educate herself in many topics, techniques, and therapies.   A brief synopsis of her early education include: Certification in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, percussor and cold laser therapy.  Moreover, Upledger Institute in cranio sacral therapies, certification with the California College of Natural Medicine with specific studies in hormone, anti-aging therapy and detoxification with Dr. Theresa Dale.

She also continues to participate with Neurobiologix training and GX Sciences with Dr. Kendal Stewart which includes specific studies in genetics, methylation, detoxification, nutrition and more.  She also has shadowed Dr. Stewart.  She completed a mentorship program with The International College of Bioenergetic Medicine and the Mastermind mentorship program with Dr. Peter Osborne.

Melisa Rocchi Kuehn, ND, PScD, CNC, CNHP, MH is licensed by the Professional Wellness Alliance.

[License L.33812384]

Melisa Kuehn is conventionally educated as a Doctor of Naturopathy with post graduate training in natural health care.  She strongly believes that an effective system of health care is one that blends scriptural insight for health with science, a system referred to as “Pastoral Medicine”.  This is an offering of Pastoral Medicine & Professional Wellness and should not be confused with state or federal regulated services.  Melisa is not being licensed by the state of Texas nor does the PMA/PWA license her to offer conventional medical services.  PWA practitioner being licensed to offer only natural health and wellness services to attend to the physical, mental and/or spiritual aspects of health to those who are of the same or similar belief.  Practitioner’s mission is to assist you in ending chronic illness using natural means.

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